Green Bird bird's nest drink certified organic products

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On May 5, Green Bird's nest brand of NutriNest held a ceremony to certify organic bird's nest products according to Asean standards on organic agricultural practices.

All Green Bird branded bird's nest juice products are converted to use organic ingredients in production.

Green Bird bird's nest drink-certified organic products

The packaging of the Green Bird bird's nest drink belonging to NutriNest Nutrition Food Joint Stock Company is also made from recycled paper. In particular, product bags are made from biodegradable cornstarch instead of synthetic nylon. Glass bottles are designed to ensure art and convenience for family reuse instead of throwing away after drinking.

According to Ms. Tu Thanh Vy - Head of the Green Bird brand, this is a step to realize Green Bird's philosophy - focusing on healthier products with health and inspiring consumers to a green lifestyle together. consumption habits have less environmental impact.

Products of Green Bird brand

Ms. Vy also said that switching to organic ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging was a difficult decision that had been considered and prepared for many years. Green Bird had to accept higher costs and a more limited supply. For example, the farming and processing of organic bird's nests will not allow the use of chemical insect repellant preparations in the bird's nest house and detergents that are not on the permitted list to clean the nest processing tools. Or the price of organic sugar is now 4 times higher than regular cane sugar and the supply is very limited.

Exploiting raw bird's nest 

"But with customers mainly urban young people with progressive thinking and consumption, Green Bird is willing to accept the initial difficulties to serve customers better not only in terms of product quality but also in terms of product quality. products, but also as a way for them to live a healthy lifestyle," Ms. Vy affirmed.

The process of picking up bird's nest feathers

Green Bird brand currently has 11 lines of bird's nest water from refreshments to micronutrient supplements for adults and children. Products are distributed in more than 5,000 supermarkets, drugstores, modern convenience stores, and more than 10,000 traditional grocery stores across the country.

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