Brand history story


The story began from 2004 when Hoang Le Danh was still a university student and having a part-time job as a tour guide. Hoang was the guide of  Dr Elisa Nugroho -  the founder of the world’s bird farming technique – when he and his wife visited to Vietnarm to looking for a corporate partner.

Falling to find anybody who was interested in bird farming technique, Dr Nugroho went back in disappointment. But unexpectedly, on the last day of the visit, when handing the tip money to the tourguide , they received weird but determinate request “ Don’t give me money, give me books on bird nest and I would develop this profession”

Nutri Nest Nutrition Food Company incorporated in 2005 at Hoang’s small rented house in a slum neighborhood near Saigon River. In the same year, Hoang’s graduation thesis “Building bird farming and bird nest processing industry” was granted excellence mark by the defense panel. The application of this study won Vietnam Innovation Award in 2007 and set the foundation for a new bird farming industry across the country.