Effectiveness of the invention:

Because the marking of bird's nest and periodically exploiting every 20 days will help the bird's nest to extract almost 100% of the 1-season bird's nest with outstanding quality:

  1. Nutrition (protein and amino acid content is higher than 5 - 10%)
  2. The nest is cleaner, less eggs and impurities

In addition, the herd has a growth rate, the individuals in the herd are superior because the young birds have the opportunity to be born and mature.

Detailed description of the invention:

To implement the method according to the invention, the worker perform the following steps every 20 days / cycle:

Step 1: Mark the nest of 100% used nest with pins inox

Unlike the requirement to visit the house every 1-2 months of the conventional method. To create a bird nest, a technical worker must check and mark the bird's nest at least once every 20 days.

When checking the bird's nest, workers mark the bird's nest with pins in stainless steel according to the following principle:

CaseState of the NestIdentification signs    
EggYoung birdPinAction
1Birds have not used nestNoNoNoLeave. Follow up next time

Birds are using nestsYesYesNoLeave. Follow up next time
Plug pins to mark
3Birds are using nests. Marked the previous checkNoYesYesLeave. Follow up next time
4The bird has finished using the nestNoNoYesExploiting bird's nest


These 7 capabilities include all cases of workers who may encounter when check and have specific action instructions.

The purpose of this mark is for workers to know which bird nest has been used by the bird to lay eggs.

Step 2: Exploiting bird's nest.

Exploiting nest must ensure 2 requirements. Checking 100% of the nest in the house and exploiting, 100% of the nests having come to exploit the bird's nest so that there is no chance of nesting for the second time.


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