About NutriNest

Built from research on cultivating edible bird's nests that won the Vietnam Creative Example Award, NutriNest is the first bird’s nest farming company in Vietnam since 2005. NutriNest has invested and provided consultancy for the construction of over 500 bird’s nest farms both domestically and internationally. The most systematically invested farms have been certified for ASEAN ORGANIC standard agricultural practices. These are high-quality raw materials for the Green Bird and NutriNest brands.

Determined to deliver the true nutritional values of bird's nests to consumers, NutriNest has also heavily invested in research and development to successfully innovate  a special technology based on using a biological network to compress the nest fibers to the bottom of the jar. This anchoring prevents the fibers from dissolving into water when sterilized at high temperatures, allowing NutriNest bird's nest beverage to retain the precious nutritional values of the real nests.

NutriNest's modern, highly automated factory meets international HACCP standards and currently produces 25 types of bird's nests, from ordinary to premium bird's nest beverages. The products are distributed at tens of thousands of points of sale nationwide and are also exported.

NutriNest's modern factory