Gold - Whole bird's nest soup with rock sugar - Gift box 6 jars x 190gr


Product Description


The world's first premium whole bird nest soup is traditionally craft brewed  from 10g original dried nest contains 15 types of amino acids and minerals. Whole Bird Nest Soup is a unique product of NutriNest that has been patented for outstanding benefits




    10g dried bird nest / jar




      Gold Bird is equivalent to a traditional bowl of nest with a soft yolk, the sweetness of sugar and the high-grade vanilla aroma extracted from natural vanilla.




        The product is packed in glass jars of 180g which can be taken anywhere and in any developed country (Nutri Nest customers have entered into Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand ... and it is accepted into the domestic).

        Open the jar if not used up can be stored in the refrigerator at 4 degrees C for 10 days.



        TRUST 100%

          As in the jar is a real nest so people can be easily identified with the eyes.

          The only thing you need to worry about is that it is so tasty and delicious to consume too fast and affect your monthly spending.

          I. OBJECT USED

          1. GOLD BIRD IS GOOD FOR :

          Patients, postoperative person with high nutritional needs.

          Adults, body weakness, fatigue and thinness

          2. AND THE OTHERS CAN USE :

          Children are thin, have anorexia

          Women want to beautify the skin, increase the resistance

          The old people have a need for support their health.

          Smokers and the person who working in stressful environments, toxic smoke.

          II. BENEFITS:

          Foster body

          Anti aging


          Increase the resistance

          Good for the lungs, strengthening the respiratory syste


          1. INGREDIENTS :

          Dried bird’s nest (10g)

          Pure water

          Rock sugar

          Food additives (327, 415, 331iii, 418, Vanillin).

          2. USING :

          Patients: 1 jar/day

          Improve your health: ½ jar/day

          3. PACKAGE :

          Jar 190gr

          Gift box 3 jars x 190gr

          Gilft box 6  jars x 190gr

          4. STORAGE :

          Clean, airy, avoid direct sunlight and heat.

          Store in the refrigerator for 10 days after unpacking

          5. EXPIRY DATE: 24 months

          6. GUIDELINES TO CHOOSE BIRD NEST SOUP : please see here