Man-Made Cave Bird's Nest With Feather 50g

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The product is for the delicate and experienced customers to use the nest. Natural cave bird's nest have special attributes:


  1. Natural origin: Birds nest in natural cliffs but are brought to nest in nest farms located near the sea.
  2. Different taste: Natural cave bird's nest is more fishy tasty and tough
  3. Reasonable price: Man-made cave bird’s nest is slightly higher than original bird's nest but much cheaper than natural cave bird's nest.


But Nutri Nest also tips some misunderstandings about natural cave bird’s nest so you have the best choice for yourself:


  • Birds in island eat natural foods, home birds eat industry food:  Incorrect! The legs of the birds are dormant, it can not stand but fly only during the feeding. They eat the same place and eat small insects flying.
  • Natural cave bird's nest are more nutritional: Incorrect! As they eat together in one place, according to hundreds of analysis of our nutrition, cave bird’s nest and home bird’s nest have the  same nutritional value. Some samples of cave bird's nest also have many molds and impurities due to the nature of cave damp, easy to be attacked by epidemiologic and feces of nestling.


  • Women want to beautify the skin, increase the resistance.
  • Smokers and the person who working in stressful environments, toxic smoke
  • Adults, body weakness, fatigue and thinness.
  • Children are thin, have anorexia
  • The old people have a need for support their health


  • Foster body
  • Anti aging
  • Skincare
  • Strengthening immune system
  • Good for the lungs, strengthening the respiratory system

  • Ingredients: pure nests
  • Using:
    • Adults: 5 grams/serving . Use once a day or three times a week
    • Children: 3 grams/serving . Use once a day or three times a week

Cooking recipe here

  • Packing:
    • 100gr: inner plastic box, outer lacquer box with a complementary rock sugar jar.
    • 50gr: inner plastic box, outer lacquer box with a complementary rock sugar jar.
  • Storage: Clean, airy, avoid direct sunlight and heat
  • Expiry date: 36 months




Bird's nest has been produced by the company inventing bird's nest farming in Vietnam (since 2005)



With the patented technique of harvesting “ONE SEASON NEST” for a clean nest and high nutritional value



Product traceability with QR code tracking from Farming, Harvesting, Processing



HACCP certified.