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The bird's nest has the following characteristics:

  1. Nutrition is completely equivalent to the island nest. Because bird still fly freely outside of nature and self-hunting is flying insects like island bird
  2. Bird's nest is clean and there are few insects and insects eat the nest
  3. The price is more reasonable than the island nest.

Nest farming is to create a habitat that is best suited to the biological characteristics of bird nest and protect birds from insects and natural enemies. Bird nest still feed themselves in the wild during the day and only go home to sleep and nest at night.

The ideal environment with bird nest is created in the breeding house:

  1. Very high humidity: From 85% or more. Low humidity makes bird's nest dry and fall to the floor so bird nest does not like dry environment. The nest is adjusted to moisture by a misting system
  2. Herd sound: Bird's nest feels safer in environments with fellow-creature. Therefore, the new house will be fitted with loudspeakers that sound the swarms of bird collected in long-time bird house or natural cave
  3. Less light: it is the only bird that can emit ultrasonic waving and flying in the dark
  4. There are smells of familiar herds: The new bird's nest is sprayed with bird manure from the old bird's nest to create the familiar flock.
  5. No harmful enemies: Types of mouse, geckos, cockroaches, ants, spiders ... must be excluded in breeding houses

Nutri Nest is the first and leading bird nest farming company in Vietnam since 2005. Our research on Edible bird nest farming won the Vietnam Innovation Award. We are involved in more than 500 bird farming house project in South East Asia since then.

VTV6: Introducing the bird farming technology of Nutri Nest: 

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