Birdnest with asparagus and crab soup

A. Ingredients (for 1 serving):

50g of torn crab meat - Some drops of sesame oil

- 50g torn chicken - 2 quail eggs boiled and peeled off

- 15g asparagus - 15g mushroom

- 15g baby corn - 50g soaked bird nest

- 15g carrot - A pot of chicken essence liquid

- 2 small spoonful of powder corn

B. Directions:

- Slice and dice mushroom, carrot, asparagus, baby corn

- Add chicken essence liquid and boil them about 5 minutes

- Add torn chicken and torn crab meat and boil until the soup is stick enough

- Add powder corn and quail eggs boiled

- Stop boiling, seasoning

- Add soaked bird nest into and stew it in 30 minutes

C. Display:

Lift the ceramic pot out of the hot-water boiler, garnish the cuisine with onion and coriander, enjoy it when still hot

D. Benefits:

Good for vitality, heat-relieving, diuretic