Birdnest chicken essence soup

A. Ingredients ( for 3 servings):

- 15gr straw mushroom

- 60g needle mushroom

- Fresh chicken:1/2 kg

- Shank bones: 1 kg

- 150g soaked bird nest

- Make 3 carrot flowers garnish

- Onion and coriander

B. Directions:

- Boil shank bones for 90 minutes, add chicken then boil in 60 minutes more.

- Take all foams out of the soup until the boiling liquid is transparent, and then add a little seasoning powder in

- Chop the boiled chicken in to small pieces

- Cut straw mushroom into halfs, cut the end partof the needle mushroom and then wash

- Add all the ingredients into a ceramic pot

- Souse chicken essence liquid on the ingredients

- Stew it in 30 minutes

C. Display:

Lift the ceramic pot out of the hot-water boiler, garnish the cuisine with carrot flowers, onion and coriander, enjoy it when still hot

D. Benefits:

Good for vitality, heat-relieving