• Great taste

     Kế thừa nét văn hóa ẩm thực Việt, mỗi sản phẩm của Nutri Nest đều phát triển trên tiêu chí ngon, vị dịu nhẹ

  • Great nutrition value
    Great nutrition value backed by scientific study & oriental myth
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Company Introduction

Posted on: 2013-03-19 09:53:10

Nutri Nest is a private brand - speciality store chain selling high-end nutrition food of supreme quatity

     Our purpose is nourishing vitality by nutrition food products that help people look good, feel good, and enjoy life

     The company build Vietnam’s very first swiftlet farming house in 2005. The successful application of this swiftlet farming technology set the foundation for the whole bird farming & nest production industry in the country. We won the 2007 Vietnam Innovation Award as the recognition of Vietnam government for the contribution of Nutri Nest to bird farming industry. Continue this initial success, we set the strict quality control on all the value added process from farming, harvesting, bird nest cleaning, retail and restaurant serving.

     Our raw bird nest material was harvested from more than 500 farming house build by Nutri Nest. These bird nest is cleaned in our factory and sell in our own stores chain and restaurants. We do not employ distribution agent or sell franchise license in order to ensure product quality and customer service at the top level.

     Only Nutri Nest’s product have lifetime quality assurance. That mean consumers, with no defect evidence being asked, can request refund or exchange anytime you feel unsatisfied with our product.

Nutri Nest is known as the most luxury and trusted bird nest brand in Viet Nam because:

- Nutri Nest product have life-time guarantee policy

- Nutri Nest do not out-source and set strict control in all processes from farming, harvesting, processing, retailing and cooking in our restaurant. We do not assign distribute by agents to ensure best quality and professional customer service

- Nutri Nest use gorgeous packaging

- Nutri Nest is the first company in Vietnam study and apply bird farming technique