• Great taste

     Kế thừa nét văn hóa ẩm thực Việt, mỗi sản phẩm của Nutri Nest đều phát triển trên tiêu chí ngon, vị dịu nhẹ

  • Great nutrition value
    Great nutrition value backed by scientific study & oriental myth
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Achievements & Awards

Posted on: 2013-03-19 09:56:50

Nutri Nest’s simple standard but full of challenging as well is "Nutri Nest staff will buy Nutri Nest’s products for our parents and children to use”

As producers, we always understand our products most.

As human beings, we love our family. So, we understand love as well as expectations about all good things which customers expect for your family when choosing Nutri Nest’s products.

And we only choose the best products for our loving people.

With this philosophy, in 8 years nourishing vitality, Nutri Nest is proud to be honored:

1. Top 100 nhãn hiệu uy tín Việt Nam 2010, 2011

2. Vietnam Best Food 2010, 2011

3. Huy chương và thực phẩm chất lượng an toàn Việt Nam 2010

4. Vietnam Gold Trusted Supplier 2011, 2012

5. Điển hình sáng tạo Việt Nam 2007.